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geoff Arney
geoff Arney
Robert provided extremely useful support in arranging residential aged care access for my mother and in preparing the associated paperwork for Centrelink contributions to the costs. I found him very professional and amicable.
Glenn Vassallo
Glenn Vassallo
Outstanding service provided by Robert during a difficult time for our family. Thank you Robert.
Brett Morgan
Brett Morgan
I've been working with Charlie over the last 12 months. He has a real passion to help clients achieve the best result for families and parents with thier aged care. He has developed a model that achieves a great outcome for those seeking care for parents.
Barrie Fletton
Barrie Fletton
The service was prompt and professional. It clearly educed the most beneficial structure for my father’s transition to aged care and made the decision process in a complex environment a lot easier.
Cameron Howe
Cameron Howe
The guys at Geras were great.They found that mum could sell her home and get a nicer aged care unit than we thought near her home plus get more pension. The way they did all their own calculations meant they also knew the ins and outs of all options as well. Totally professional and great value for money.

Free Residential Aged Care Financial Guide

Residential Aged Care – Challenges

Aged care living decisions can be stressful and an emotionally difficult time. At Geras Partners we strive to alleviate this stress and assist with unravelling the complicated aged care puzzle. Our services range from helping you get more money from your pension to assessing your home care and aged care options and providing a unique case-by-case solution.

Aged care living decisions can be stressful. Choices are complex.

You might be asking:

How much will I pay?
Can I afford it?
Should I sell my home?
Will I lose my pension?
Which home is best for me?
Do I need advice?

How Can Geras Help

Geras Partners aim to look at each individual case to identify a unique solution. We aim to use our experience and knowledge to ensure that you get every cent that you are entitled to so that we can put more money in your pocket for your golden years.

See more on how Geras can help you here.

We Deliver Peace of Mind

Our services are built on a framework that is geared towards helping you get everything that you are entitled to so that you can enjoy your golden years comfortably. Geras Partners aims to increase your pension while lowering your home care and aged care costs. In essence, we provide peace of mind to our clients.

To get peace of mind for you and your loved ones, you can contact us today, email Us or give us a call